Promotional products are one of our specialties. We stay up to date on all the latest trends so you can confidently and effectively promote your brand. Whether you need promotional products for a golf tournament, a trade show, or to increase brand recognition, we will help you find the perfect product to reach your goals.

Promotional products have a bigger and longer-lasting advertising impact then most companies realize. Did you know…

  • Promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising over newspapers, radio, magazines, television, the Internet and mobile ads.
  • 85% of people who received a promotional product did business with that company.
  • Promotional products draw up to 500% more referrals than just a review.
  • 72% of people associate the quality of a customized promotional product with the reputation of the company.
  • Adding a promotional product to social media ads increases the effectiveness by up to 44%.
  • Nearly 100% of consumers say they are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product.
  • Bags generate the most impressions of any other product with nearly 6,000 over the time the item is used.
  • 80% of people have an immediate positive reaction when they receive a promo from companies they’ve never heard of.

 Sources: PPAI, PROmotion Marketing, LLC, Sage Blog, and ASI Central


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